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Laser Hair Removal

We want the freedom of unwanted hair and the lifestyle of smooth skin to be made available to everyone. So Hi Beautiful Aesthetics couples its best technology and highly qualified laser professionals with the most affordable pricing.

HydraFacial MD

The Hydrafacial is so much more than a facial.  It is a very relaxing, invigorating treatment that is done in 30 minutes.  It offers instant, noticeable results with no downtime or irritation.  Over time, long-term skin health improves with a good routine and treatments.

Laser Hair Removal

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Whats Your Beauty Flaw?


Reduce up to 85% of your dark spots with our 'no-downtime treatments' or eliminate about 95% with stronger treatments.

Adult Acne

Customized approach is used for each individual client. We have have trained technicians who will guide you every step of the way.


Dry cracked skin can make your skin appear older, dull-er, and does not allow skin products to work effectely. Make up will not set in.

Enlarged Pores

Reduce up to 80% of your enlarged with skincare products & facials. For more permanent and severe cases our radio-frequency eliminates it.

Acne Scars

Things may get a little bloody but acne scars is our speciality with multiple way of approaching and eliminating them.


We have combination treatment that can 'lift' the skin and maintain & boost its collagen. Tightening the skin for years to come.


Reduce up to 78% of your oily & congested skin with our powerful Dermalinfusion treatment. Skin care products will be essential.

Body Contouring

Get in your best shape ever with your body contouring treatments. Reduce inches of your waist line, reduce cellulite, tighten loose skin.

Routine Maintenance

We also like to keep up your results with our signature facials to maintain your flawless skin! Schedule your treatment today.


hi beautiful

Home of the Dermalinfusion. We pride in being one of the top providers for this amazing skin-transforming treatment. The no-downtime treatment can be done under 45 minutes and the combinations of treatments is endless. Our staff is highly trained to provide the best progressive treatment. We specialize in ACNE, HYPER-PIGMENTATION, SCARING, AND MUCH MORE. 

Contact our office today to schedule your Dermalinfusion.



For sure. They followed up with our recommendations, but starting with the initial treatment was their first step to controlling their skin. The first step that gave them conviction and determination to decide "I can clear my skin for good!"

Michael M

"I am so very pleased with my treatments from Hi Beautiful aesthetics, Luliana and Ricky are amazing and made me feel so comfortable. My first appointment was for a dermaplaning and dermal infusion and I was amazed to learn how many services they offer , right now I'm gettin Venus freeze and wood therapy and I start seeing results after my third session and now am confident to say they are the only practice I trust for my aesthetic needs. You will not be disappointed!!"

Jennifer Godinez

Hi beautiful aesthetics has an amazing staff Janette answered all my questions and doubts and was patient with me and made my experience run as smooth as possible she let me know what she was doing and what it was for loved it would definitely book again

Javodia Sanford

My experience with hi beautiful aesthetics is/was amazing. I did the Venus freeze and the additional treatments for my skin and my results were awesome. The staff was nice and informative. Ricky is very knowledgeable about my skin care needs. I give the rating a 5 because my experience is great and I have more services I want to try.

Tel: 281-846-6895

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8090 Westheimer Rd Houston, TX 77063

Tel: 281-846-6895

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