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Results Overnight


There really isn't anything out there that can give results overnight for the most common: specially if related to acne. There’s a lot of variation here, depending on the severity of your acne and the regimen you’re following. On the whole, acne skincare products can take up to 2-4 months of dedicated use to show up to 90% improvement. Topical medications prescribed by your dermatologist can take up to six weeks to build up enough in your system to work, and oral medications can take two to three weeks (depending on the prescription). The only zit-zapping procedure that works right away are cortisone shots administered by your dermatologist—and even then it can take up to 24 hours for the swelling and redness to go down. Which I highly advise from because that can cause harsh side effects if too much of it is injected into the zit.

Results will be much like a rollercoaster. It will make you impatient and it will trigger you to give up. Just by simple using a daily cleanser to target your main skin concern could do drastic changes in just one MONTH of usage. Also the more expensive a skin care product is doesn't always make it better. Stay away from high priced over-the-counter products that might do the same as a lower priced product at your office. Clients also want to address 10 things with one product. THAT'S almost IMPOSSIBLE - and i say that because i haven't found one. Instead I fix 2-3 issues at a time so I wont overwhelm my skin. I use to be like my clients where I wanted to address all my skincare problems at ONCE, just to OVER DRY, OVER IRRITATE, OVER EVERYTHING. That's totally not the way to go. The truth about cleanser is that, even though you use it multiple times a day, it doesn’t really stay on your skin long enough to have any major transformative effects—it’ll get your skin clean, and that’s about it. But if you’ve been suffering from dryness, dullness, or blemishes associated with not washing your face enough, it’ll take about a month of vigilant adherence to a new routine before you start seeing an improvement.

Bottom line: Be patient. Listen to our advise. We have treatments that can ACCELERATE THE PROCESS.

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